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heart ache for a d.c. family. a home goes up in flames. and earl says goodbye to the u.s. and is about to leave eastern canada. we tally the storm aftermath. and the redskins make the final cuts to the roster. who is in and who is out as we head toward the season opener against the dallas cowboys. good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news sunday. i'm melanie alnwick. sarah simmons is off today.
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we have several developments in the recovery from the gulf spill. but a house fire in the district. this started around 4:00 in the 4900 block of minnesota avenue northeast. the flames quickly spread. at one point the home was fully engulfed and the home is a total loss. the owners were not home at the time and the heat was so intense that an adjacent home suffered damage. we have no word on the cause. well now to the latest on earl. the storm is weakening as it heads away from canada's eastern coast and the storm is being blamed for one death in nova scotia. a man drowned trying to tie up his boat. a lot are without power. in new england, earl spared cape cod before heading to
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canada. by 60 mile-per-hour winds pounded this home. parts of it actually slid into the sea when the cliff it was on began to erode away. no one was hurt. and a pair of kayakers are safe and sound thanks to local rescue crews. earl swept two teens out to sea and they didn't realize how far the winds had blown them away from shore and they were not hurt. we have the latest on things in massachusetts. >> reporter: carolina came to new england more as a lamb. it allowed 3 mode nathan candel to sleep through the night. >> it was okay. >> reporter: with the storm approaching, many held off on holiday plans on heading out or hunkering down. with the sky turning as blue as the bride maid dresses it was
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good news. >> the sky is sunny and we couldn't think of anything better. >> were you worried yesterday? >> very. but you go with what you are dealt. >> reporter: business owners and innkeepers see things pick back up on a normally lucrative weekend. one innkeeper said this was the strangest weekend on record. >> we do have people come in with last-minute reservations but we've never had a labor day where we weren't totally booked. earl did cause power outages and flooding in low- lying areas across the coast but fortunately it was very miner. so what is left with earl and will the nice weekend continue through the d.c. area? plenty of sunshine. gwen tolbert is tracking things down in the weather center.
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>> let's begin with what is happening with earl. take a look at our maps. earl is now post-tropical. it is moving into the atlantic losing it's tropical characteristics moving into the cold water and it will start to fizzle out. not a wheat lot happening with it -- a whole lot happening with it right now. and there are no discoveried in terms of the system. it left a lot of power outages and strong winds and trees down but right now it is he had -- just heading out to the ocean. it will become a memory. for some not a very good one. here at home, things are calm and quiet. clear skies. a ridge of high pressure in control. temperatures started out in the lower 50s and now starting to rise. 53 degrees in the district. 56 at dulles. and 55 at baltimore. and here is a look at your day planner as we move through into the course of the afternoon. by the time we hit midday we'll be into the mid-70s and then
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our high today will be about 81 degrees. but no shortage of sunshine, low humidity. we have extremely comfortable conditions. i'm going to have an update for you on what you can expect for the labor day holiday weekend and the five-day and i have a beach forecast as well. melanie. >> thank you, gwen. well arizona has stayed in the spotlight when it comes to immigration reform but a few leaders in virginia want the common commonwealth in on the law. >> reporter: the crash happened on august 1st. three nuns struck head-on. sister denise mozier died and two others were critically injured. it turns out the suspected drunk driver had two previous drunk driving convictions, was here illegally and facing deportation. we now know he was given a federal work permit, the document that allowed him to
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get a driver's license in the first place. prince william county police chief charlie dean wrote the department of homeland security saying, quote, i ask that this glaring gap in dhs policy be ended. the tragedy has reignited the fight over illegal immigration in the county after a crackdown that began three years ago. >> system is broken. >> reporter: chair cory stewart who is pushing for a statewide crack down said virginians can't count on the federal government. >> i don't expect dhs it do anything. they show no inclination to enforce the immigration laws, no inclination to deport criminal illegal aliens that pose a public safety hazard. >> reporter: they say they have launching an investigation into the case, but rights advocates say this should not be a rallying point to take immigration law into your own
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hands. >> the reality is horrible things happen and people sometimes do horrible things but it should not be politicized. national, sane minds need to take a deep breath. we're hurt and very sorry this happened but this is not a immigration issue. that was a drunk driving issue. >> reporter: one voice may have been growned out, which was the order of nuns, hoping it would not be used as a form of, quote, the illegal immigration agenda. roz plater, fox 5 news. >> now virginia lawmakers could consider a stricter immigration law as early as january. if passed it could be among the toughest in the country. police are on the hunt for a gunman who shot a man outside of a party in potomac, maryland. investigators say two groups of people got into an argument and the victim left. once outside the words continued. someone threw a bottle and
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seconds later someone else started firing gunshots. >> we're all talking and everyone is upset that this is something that could happen here and we're concerned and we hope this is an isolated incident. >> well the victim is expected to be okay. crime stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward for trips leading to an arrest. it took more than 29 hours but the 310 blowout preventer that failed into the gulf has been lifted on a ship. they needed to save the preet venter because it is evidence -- save the preventer because it is evidence in the case. more than 8,000 square miles of the gulf have reopened to fishing with no sign of oil. >> we have to check some places off shore that we were worried how our fish would survive. the fish seem to be right where we left them, they're biting good. the size of the fish was great today. the quality of the fish was
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great. the fish bit well. we're so thrilled to be back out there fishing. >> some critics are not convinced the waters are safe to fish just yet. organizers of fill into d.c. used signs and bull horns saying they don't believe the report from the government. they held a raleigh yesterday saying they believe water unsafe and the oil is too high. >> the gulf is contaminated and bleeding since april and it's time to stop and get real with the american people and tell them what is going on out there. >> how addicted to oil are we that we're drilling a mile below the surface of the gulf and there is no backup contingency for failure. >> they are holding another rally today on the national mall. the louisiana governor bobby jindal wants to live the ban on off shore drilling. he said any delay could push oil companies to seek opportunities in other
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countries. the governor has been very vocal about needing to clear up the shores of louisiana after the spill and in asking for help getting it done. well it is the toughest time of the preseason. the redskins made the final cuts. in all 21 players were let go to get down to the mandated 53- man roster for the regular season which kicks off next sunday against the cowboys. the most notable name released is running back willie parker, a 7-year vet. parker just didn't show enough quickness to make the team. the other big name cut was terrance austin who led the offense with 10 catches for 146 yards and one touchdown in preseason. he could make the practice squad which will be announced later today. toreain and shrapers, and justin ryan was traded to the
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colts. and six receivers, including williams, and rookie banks. larry johnson and rookie kai land williams will join portis. beck is the third string quarterback and byron westbrook is the fifth cornerback. d.c. voters set to make an important choice of their own. the race for mayor down to days. they are battle it out on the turf. and michaele salahi now starring in a cable tv show and wait to hear what is next for the woman who has already made headlines. 
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and making headlines this morning, craig's list is now censored. the website pulled the plug on the adult service section and now a black bar reading censored pops up instead. the section posed a great danger and promoted prostitution and child trafficking. they haven't said it the change
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is permanent. the white house party crasher is planning to bare it all for play boy. sher excited about the full frontal suit and happy about the cover. and she's auctioning off the sorry she wore to the white house and they claim 80% of the money will go to charity. $1.4 billion the initial damage report from new zealand after a earthquake. power has been restored for 90% of the city. about 20% of the residents are still without water and so far no deaths have been reported. an angry crowd greeted tony blair in ireland. he's in dublin to sign copies of his memoirs. some protestors called a war criminal. in his book he said he's not sorry for his decision to go to war in iraq but sad for the victims. he's donating all of the proceeds to a charity for
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wounded troops. sarah palin can stop worrying about his next door neighbor. he's writing a book about palin and living in the house next to her for months. now he's heading home to massachusetts. they did build a fence to prevent him from seeing into his house even though he said he had noin spence of spying. and now the mayor's race down to nine days. fenty could be looking for a new job but trying to build momentum in the last days. we have the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: fenty still has a big fight ahead to keep his post. he is behind in the local washington post poll. vincent gray is riding a wave of support. and keep in mind there is no republican seeking the mayor's job and d.c. is a city where three quarters of voters are democrats. that means whoever wins the democratic primary september
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14th is pretty much a shoe-in for the general election come november. gray spoke with voters at the hillcrest rec center in ward 4, fenty's home turf. >> they were encouraged about the polls and it created another challenge and that's to make sure everybody understands this race is not over until 8:00 p.m. on september 14th. >> reporter: over to ward 3 and the broad branch farmer's market. ward 3 is the cornerstone of support for the fenty re- election efforts. michelle rhee campaigned for fenty. >> our next mayor, mayor adrian fenty. [ chanting ] >> reporter: supports made a short walk to the community center that is opening early on saturday for early voting. >> let's get in line and cast our vote and for the next ten days we're going to encourage others to do so and get higher
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numbers and win on september 14th. >> reporter: will thomas, fox 5 news. well the way you get around d.c. might be compromised this weekend. we'll show you what is going on that has a good chunk of the redline completely out of service. and president obama maintains the economy is slowly recovering but some of the latest statistics don't back that up. a look at the heroing numbers when we return. c
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you may be enjoying a long holiday weekend but not the worker at dmv in virginia. a computer glitch caused hundreds of license renewal applications to pile up. about 35-45,000 people were effected. so 14 service centers are open today and tomorrow to help process the backlog of applications. a little reminder about major changes on metro's redline this labor day weekend. the takoma, silver spring, forest glenn, wheaton and glenmont stations shut down from friday night at 10:00 and
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will open on tuesday morning. workers are replacing two old track switches laying new track, in stalling new safety lights and repairing water leaks. president obama maintains the economy is slowly recovering. just not at the pace he predicted. but added that things could be a lot worse. now a new labor report highlights the dismal job numbers and rising unemployment rate. julie kurtz takes a look at the numbers. >> reporter: calling this the worst recession of our lifetime, the president said the middle class has been squeezed the most and he promises to work hard to turn that around. he spends the weekend at camp david but obama used his labor day weekend address to talk about his efforts to create jobs, make college more affordable, cut taxes and overhaul the health care system. but his comments follow more discouraging news from the labor day that the economy shed
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54,000 jobs in august and the unemployment rate kicked up to 9.4%. >> the middle class had been taking some long shots and the values of horde work and values of responsibility had been given short thrift. >> reporter: as the president tries to reassure americans that better days are ahead, many in the g.o.p. say the obama recovery summer has failed to materialize and it's time to do something new. >> the nation's unemployment rate has now been above 9% for 16 consecutive months. this is despite the fact that the obama administration promised that the trillion dollar stimulus would keep unemployment below 8% so the question remains, where are the jobs? >> reporter: expect more talks about job and the middle class from the president. after a weekend from camp david he hits the road to push his economic message. on wednesday he'll lay out new ideas on a speech from cleveland but not a new
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stimulus plan like last year n. washington, julie kurtz, fox news. well small business owners want a break too. some say they are holding off on hiring new workers or expanding. the president called for passage of a 20-$30 billion bill to investigate in banks with assets of less than $10 billion that would spur investment in small business. republicans have blocked the plan, calling it a waste of tax dollars. >> to help them get the credit they need and limb nat capital gains taxes on key investments so they have more incentive to invest right now. >> republicans want amendments added to extend expired tax breaks for corporate research and development. senate members expect the bill to pass when congress goes back into session later in month. some stories expected to make headline in the week ahead -- tomorrow is labor day, the unofficial end to summer and one of the most traveled weekends of the year. the president is heading to wisconsin to speak at the annual labor fest in milwaukee.
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tuesday the first lady kicks off the dance series. she's invited dance companies to perform at the administration's first event celebrating dance. the night will feature a dance workshop. wednesday the president stopped in cleveland, ohio to deliver a speech on the economy and the first lady will be in new orleans to team up with roger goodell and tony dungy to encourage children to lead more active lives. and mrs. obama and former first lady barbara bush are attending the 9/11 ceremony in honor of of the flight in shanksville, pennsylvania. and celebrations will be held at grant zero and the pentagon and all around the country. and voters are in a sour move. what will be the message for
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democratic incumbents and can they overcome poor approval ratings. john mccain and tim kaine join fox news sunday. and gwen will be back with the weather and a workweek preview. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. !%
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remedies for a stagnant economy, an end to combat operations in iraq and trying to strike a peace deal in the mideast. how will the white house new move play with vote understand november. that is the focus of fox news sunday and chris wallace joins us once again. good morning,. >> good morning. >> and this sounds like the 2008 presidential campaign all over again. >> expect this time the democrats are in charge. and that's the big difference. and the country elected barack obama because they had gotten fed up with republicans on the economy and wanted to give the democrats a chance and gave them to the white house and both houses of congress. now a year and a half later, they're getting fed up with the
8:30 am
democrats and feel they haven't done enough to fix the economy. this was supposed to be the recovery summer. it has been anything but that. and democrats could pay a heavy price in november. >> chris, from what i'm reading the problem with the democratic incumbents is they're not just running against the challenges, but are running against the president and you see some of them kind of trying to distance themselves. >> it's fascinating and we'll show some of the ads at the top of the hour when we talk to tim kaine, former governor of virginia and also the democratic party chair, these are democratic incumbents running ads showing pictures of nancy pelosi and harry reid and barack obama in washington saying, i don't work for them, i work for you. they are trying to make the local races and keep it away from the national democratic politics as much as possible. >> and it sounds there was a dust-up after the iraq speech this week where republicans are saying, wait a second, democrats can't take credit for
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the end to combat operations in iraq. >> one of the big issues is the fact that one of the reasons we're able to leave somewhat on our own terms is because some would say after several years of mismanagement of the war, george w. bushin 2007 announce the surge and that did -- the troop surge did turn things around and stabilize the situation in iraq. they were calling for barack obama to credit george w. bush in his speech for that. but he ran against george w. bush and ran and became president because he opposed the iraq war from the start and it would not have set well with his democratic base had he started praising george w. bush. he did talk about his patriotism but i don't think he was about to credit him for managing the war well. >> i don't think we'll hear that at all. i hear you'll be talking to john mccain about those issues.
8:32 am
and we are down to crunchtime and is there any time for results to show. > before the election. >> i don't think in the sense of turning around the economy. but the president will come out with a set of new ideas this week, based on tax cuts. more tax cuts for business, small business, whether he gets it there is problematic. but at least he will have something he and democrats can run on about ideas about how to boost the economy. chris, thank you. >> thank you. >> you can catch fox news sunday right after our show. there is major flooding in parts of australia right now. the state emergency service responded to more than 800 calls for help. heavy rains have triggered landslides. areas never several rivers have evacuated. flash flood warnings are in effect for the region.
8:33 am
but we dodged the big one here in our area and the labor day weekend is off to a spectacular start. we'll go to gwen tolbert in the weather center. >> we started off nice this morning as well. a little cool this morning as a start but things are starting to warm up. let's take a look at our maps. we have clear conditions over the area. very few clouds to talk about. and that's because we have a ridge of high pressure in control and that will hold us stead. so that's good news. and as far as our highs yesterday, we were right on the mark for seasonal. just about three degrees difference for national. but dulles and baltimore is exactly where we should be. and we have the 90s put away for a little right. now right 67 at national and 62 at baltimore. our forecast for today is sunshine and no shortage of it whatsoever. we have bright skies for you. winds will be light. not like yesterday where the winds picked up quite a bit. and our high is 81 degrees. i'll have a look at the beach forecast for you when i come upstairs as well as the five
8:34 am
day and let you know what i expect for the labor day holiday. up next something you'll only see here on fox 5. newly released footage of one of the most important dates. the japanese surrender of world war ii and we found it in the basement. is the nats to blame for the strasburg injury? we find out when we go "off the wall." have something you love doing? cheerios could be your ticket to do it. big time. you could win a once in a lifetime chance to live your passion by choosing from t never-dreamed-possible prizes. from a customized v.i.p. vacation, to a hollywood red carpet experience, to cooking with a celebrity chef,
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and more. find details on specially marked boxes of cheerios. why cheerios? because whatever you love doing, you'll need a healthy heart to do it. ♪
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after being kept in the basement of a naval retired captains house, and this past week marked the 56th anniversary of the japanese surrender in world war ii and only on fox, the victory like it's never been seen before. here is tom fitzgerald. >> reporter: it is one of the most widely recorded moments in history. >> it is sunday september 2nd,
8:38 am
1945. >> reporter: black and white images from the day that the japanese surrendered at tokyo bay, formally ending world war ii. but one man on that day captured something on film seen by few people until now. >> it was my father's film so it was in his basement until he passed away. >> reporter: bill cosco's father is buried at arlington national cemetery. when george cosco died in 1985 he left behind momentos for his time as a meteorologist and navigator in the navy. >> this is an al bum my dad -- an al bum my dad put together of photographs from the uss missouri. >> including what could be the only color film at the bay himself. >> he had access to the color film just left in the locker and nobody was using it at the time. >> reporter: after his father died the family sent the film
8:39 am
to the naval historical center here in washington, d.c. but with the 65th anniversary of the surrender approaching, bill cosco decided it was time for the world to see what his father had filmed. >> what we're doing today is hopefully color correcting and restoring this print. >> reporter: a company in dulles donated time to piece the film back together. >> we have a break here and i'm going to tape slice it back together again. >> reporter: 65 years of storage made the film fragile. >> the film was shrunken so much you can see the corner of the film. >> reporter: but the film has historians excited. >> i think it is a beautiful piece of historical testament that we have not seen before. >> reporter: rob esther is from the national museum of the pacific war and said the film is rare not only because shot in color but because it shows more than just the surrender
8:40 am
ceremony. >> it begins several days before the event and in doing so it reveals a portion of the importance of the event, the true meaning of the event. >> reporter: including a japanese officer being transferred from an american destroyer to the uss mosby a high wire with charts in hand to help the ship avoid mines in tokyo bay. >> i do not believe that had been recorded in motion picture film. that is absolutely unique. >> reporter: and the film provides new details about the day of the surrender ceremony, cloud formations shot by the naval meteorologist. >> the cloud formation was a v and he said v for victory. >> reporter: the many boats in tokyo bay and the large gathering on the uss missouri. >> we normally see mcarthur, nimitz and the japanese foreign minister and the representative of japanese general staff sign the document. what we don't see is that it is signed by representatives of every nation of the great
8:41 am
alliance in the pacific. >> reporter: new images all caught from bill cosco's father as he stood on the navigation deck witnessing an event that changed the world. >> i think he would be proud. i think he would be proud about this and the fact that this initiative is still alive. >> reporter: the film will be sent to several museums and military institutions across the country. cosco wants the film to act as a reminder of the sacrifices made by so many. >> i'm retired military and i know the contribution that military has head to this nation and i think this is one more way to acknowledge that. >> reporter: after 65 years in the dark, a moment in history now in living color. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> cosco's original film will remain at naval command center here in d.c. you can go to and click on special reports to check out the entire restored film. there is also a timeline of his
8:42 am
journey to get the film restores. coming up next, we're talking baseball. is morgan dirty or hard- playing? and we'll tell you why the nats made the wrong decision with strasburg. and the season opener against the cowboys one week away and means more than 20 players are now unemployed. the burgundy and gold make their final roster cuts. we'll have a recap of who is in and who is out. and gwen tolbert is here. and i think our weather is in the win column today. >> definitely. especially since it's a holiday weekend. we're able to tell people we have sunshine on tap for you. the question is how long will it stick around and what about the temperatures? cool start to the day. we'll be back with all of those answers after the break. 
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some of the top stories we're following, a house in the district went up in flames around 3:00 this morning in the
8:46 am
4900 block of minnesota avenue in northeast d.c. the home appears to be a total loss. the owners of the house were not home at the time. the heat apparently was so intense that an adjacent home suffered some damage. firefighters and ems crews are on the scene searching for evidence. so far no word on a cause. well folks along the east coast are breathing a sigh of relief. what used to be hurricane earl is weakening as it heads away from the canada eastern coast. the storm is being blamed for one death in nova scotia. there are many without power and damage was minimal in the east coast. >> we are lucky. and it went straight over where my mom lives and she said the winds were howling and a lot of people lost power and downed trees but now heading out to the atlantic and fizzling out. >> it's good to know your mom is safe. >> it is. and we're doing great here. i'm so happy it's a holiday weekend. take a look outside.
8:47 am
we have no shortage of clear skies today. plenty of sunshine. what a beautiful shot that is. look at that. the trees and the grass just absolutely gorgeous. and if you have any outdoor plans today or into the course of the holiday, this is really -- that was a good choice because we have perfect out door weather for you. now seasonal temperatures and so cooler than it has been. and be prepared for that. labor day is looking absolutely great. in fact it's looking fabulous. we have plenty of sunny days ahead in the forecast. and into the later part of the week, to mid week, we'll see temperatures start to rise. so it will get warmer. so we're not quite 100% out of the official close of summer just yet. here is a look at yesterday's high. 85 degrees for national airport. 2-3 degrees warmer than seasonal. but dollars and baltimore at 82 hit right on for the seasonal mark. and temperatures this morning, we started chillier earlier this morning and we're starting to warm up a little bit. 67 at national, 61 at gaithersburg. we have 62 at dulles and 62 at baltimore.
8:48 am
64 to the south of fredericksberg and as we head up the mid-atlantic. it's 62 for boston, 62 degrees for new york city and to the south a little cooler for richmond, only 57 degrees. but our skies really clear and that's because we have the ridge of high pressure. where is all of the action? well to the west of us, we have this system over areas of the upper midwest starting to develop into storm activity. and along the gulf we have some action there as well and over the great lakes a little bit. but here to the south is somewhere we're watching closer because we do have a system there that actually could end up developing into a little bit of something. possibly a tropical system. so we'll watch that closely. it currently now has a 60% chance of seeing that happen. and this is it right here in the southwestern gulf of mexico. so that does bear watching. it's an area of thunderstorms. and there is another area as well. and this has a 70% chance of developing into something.
8:49 am
and this is the remnants of gaston so we'll watch this closely and see if we get any more tropical development. for us, sunshine, almost like the tropics. sunny skies, high pressure in control and sliding up into the course of tonight. cooler for the holiday weekend but bright skies and very pleasant. if you're heading to the beach, another good decision. no shortage of sunshine for the beaches temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to even into the mid-80s for cape may for d at all. actually that should be sunday- monday. and here is a look at your day planner. by midday we're around 76. so beach conditions are great for today and for tomorrow. and for us, a high of 81 degrees expected with a light westerly wind 5-10 miles per hour. winds were brisk yesterday but changing. clear skies for tonight, cooler and 58 degrees and cooler into the suburbs. and here is a look at the five- day forecast. dry conditions across the board. but for the shenandoah and the
8:50 am
potomac highlands, that is a problem. we're running into drought conditions and we don't have any rain in the forecast. we have a front coming through on wednesday but it's a dry front so we're not looking at precipitation and we're hoping that that doesn't result in any kind of wildfires but that danger is right there now as far as that area is concerned. but look at wednesday, back to 90 degrees and then back to seasonal. >> nice temperatures after such a hot summer. >> but we're happy with the sunshine across the board all week. >> thanks, goo ebb. well the redskins made the final cuts. the biggest names released, willie parker and terrance austin who led the offense in receiving. he could make the practice squad when that is announced later today. other cuts bartell, henson, chad ryan hart and selfish capers. kevin anderson is the new
8:51 am
leader in university of maryland. terps football gets underway tomorrow afternoon against navy. elsewhere, richmond visiting uva. richmond down by 7 when kental gaskins gets the handoff. he breaks there and goes for 70 yards for the touchdown. now to the fourth quarter, uva tup 12-13, keith payne with some nice moves, taking it 8 yards out, virginia wins 34-13. and to the diamond. the nats trying to end a three- game losing streak to the pirates. nigel morgan drops one in on the check swing to make it 5-0. to the 5th now, and pudge rodriguez drops one in. the nationals win 9-2.
8:52 am
and stephen strasburg had successful tommy john surgery. and what about the brawl with the marlins? we go "off the wall." and welcome once again to off the wall. dave ross and wisdom martin with -- what do we have today? >> baseball. the nationals this week. nigel morgan and the pitcher throwing fastballs at his teammates. >> that happens. >> so he responded by going after the pitcher. so i ask you dave ross. >> ask me? >> is this a dirty move? or is this just hard core baseball? >> he's playing hard but it might be slightly dirty. there are unwritten rules in baseball as you know. and one of them is you don't take out the catcher right, and break his shoulder did like nigel did the game before. you have to know you're going to get hit the next day. that's part of the unwritten rules. but let's write them down and then we know what they are.
8:53 am
>> how about making a rule saying if you throw a 100 mile- per-hour fastball at somebody, it means i'm coming to get you. i'm bringing the pain. i'm taking them out. we feel sorry for no pitchers. >> you would be off the wall if you came after me. i think he was playing hard but i do think it was bushy what he did. >> play hard and go get them. but if it was me, i'm coming to get you. but a few weeks ago we had this discussion about shutting down strasburg and if they listened, i was right. >> i feel like a politician. have you ever been wrong? >> of course not. >> so dave ross, was it a free -- a freak thing or should they have shouldn't him down. >> when your arm goes, your arm goes. i do think they should have shut him down earlier. they didn't -- it wasn't a
8:54 am
fluke because the guy has been pitching forever. he has four years in college and yes they should have shut him down. but to have it go now and go through the next 12-18 months of hell and get him back. hopefully he's throwing 100 miles per hour but not at your head. >> if they had shut him down because i said to shut him down because there was nothing to play for, this injury would not have happened. >> so you're a doctor now? >> i'm a doctor. >> wisdom martin is saying his arm would have been fine. >> because he wouldn't have been using it. he would have been at home sitting on ice. >> i know you like to sit at home on ice. >> i do. because i'm cool. >> i say it was something they could not have prevented and would happen eventually. dr. martin disagrees. >> i am a doctor. >> go to and tell him why i'm feeling fine with my temperature, doc. see you next week. and you can hear more of
8:55 am
wisdom and dave's discussion, if you want to call it that, on our website. go to and click on the off the wall page. some other scores in sports. united lost to columbus 1-0. american idol has lost another judge. who is out now. and what is this dancing about in iowa? we'll explain this record- setting event when we return. 
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
well, there is a new hokie pokey world record. more than 7,000 people shook it all about in coralville, iowa, to get into the guinness book for the biggest hokie pokey dance ever. who knew there was already one on record. they beat the record by about 2500 people. and another judge is leaving american idol. it's been confirmed that kara dioguardi is moving on. she said it's time to move on to other projects. simon cowell and ellen degeneres left after the past season. jennifer lopez and steven tyler are widely rumored to be new judges. >> it will be interesting to see. >> it will be. and as we were discussing, we'll see which of the two come out but you have to have
8:59 am
somebody in there that has the music knowledge. >> because we're talking about the careers of these kids. somebody needs to know what is going on. and we'll see if we see a scowl there too. let's look at our national satellite shot. we have clear conditions and down in the southwestern gulf, there is a system there we are watching closely. it has a 60% chance of becoming tropical. so we're not sure how it will develop. it's not quite very well organized right now. but as it moves into the warmer waters, things could definitely change. other than that, we have precipitation over the upper midwest and for us we can have conditions across the board. let's look at our two-day forecast. so for holiday monday, we're talking nothing but sunshine. very comfortable. a high of 85 degrees. it would be warmer than it is today. and our overnight low will be 67. and then on tuesday, warming up to 89 degrees,

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